Thursday, 20 November 2014

100 word challenge!

I'm now taking part in the 100 word challenge

 He was shocked to find,a baby lion in side cowering away from him.  blood leaked out of a wound in his side as he writhed in agony.  His eyes were dull and his nose dry as a bone.  Gasping for air he let out a pitiful moan. however the Lord of Nulth felt no sympathy "take him to the dungeons" he cried "tonight we shall have roast lion!"  The lion was thrown into the dungeon. After a restless sleep he awoke to a gentle voice and a soft paw "Come young one," his savior whispered "come to the night zoo."  The baby lion gave a low grown "don't worry"  The adult lion purred " I will take care of the Lord of Nulth." So the baby lion walked away with her into the night zoo full of happy faces and laughter.  When the Lord of Nulth found the baby lion had gone the land felt pain like it had never felt before.  He screamed in rage pounded his fists and broke all his robots. Soon the adult lion showed up, she drove him right into the prison where the lion had lay a day before.  After a while the land was restored to its former glory but all the animals stayed in the night zoo for fear of coming back to the land.

The End. 


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